Forest Falconry

Forest Falconry is an eleven-acre woodland site set on the edge of the New Forest. It was created to introduce us to the world of birds of prey in a fun and educational way.

Their aim is to provide a totally hands-on experience by allowing visitors to get up close to the birds and experience the thrill of flying them.

A visitor can expect to meet a variety of these including Barn Owls, Tawny Owls, Siberian Owls, European Eagle Owls, Peregrines, Harris Hawks, Lanner Falcons, Gyr Falcons, Saker Falcons and Golden Eagles.

The emphasis is on providing a complete understanding of falconry by exploring the physical attributes of each species, how they have evolved to meet specific needs for survival and the welfare and conservation of these magnificent birds and the basics of handling and caring for these magnificent creatures. This is all done by offering visitors a close and personal interaction with them.

Forest Falconry is not a zoo and the emphasis is on participation. Groups are deliberately kept small, and no under-13s are allowed on-site.

Visit the official Forest Falconry website to find out more.