Gin and Wine Bar in the heart of trendy Westbourne

It was always a dream for best friends, Chris Myland and Tom James, to set up a wine and gin bar. Chris has a background working in wine and a passion for food and drink.  Tom brings the creative and business aspects to Ginjams. Together, Chris and Tom, make a great team!

In 2017 their dream has become a reality. Ginjams is now in year 2.  They specialise in providing a unique experience for their customers based on dishes accompanied by wines and gins from around the world. They are making a name for Ginjams for their hosted tasting evenings. Their cheese fondue and chocolate fondue have been extremely popular and apparently fondue tastes even better with gin!    The Ginjams ‘Chooseday Tuesday’ – gin tasting held on Tuesday evenings – is a great success, taking delighted customers through the world of gin.

Chris and Tom have tasted a lot of gin since the beginning of this adventure. Every single one of the gins on their menu has been tried and tested and selected based purely on quality. There will undoubtedly be more that will earn a place on our shelf over time, but the 65+ that we have so far will excite and amaze the taste buds of gin pros and novices alike.

In 2018 they launched their own gin, Ginjams South Coast Gin – the experiences offered through Local Gems all include a goody bag with a bottle of Ginjams gin, tasting notes and other surprises so you can recreate the experience at home.

Visit the Ginjams website to find out more